My Prison, my Home

Documentary - 33 Minutes 2009
Technical specifications

Genre Documentation
Drehformat Beta 4:3 – Colour
Länge 33 Min.
Sprache Kurdisch, Untertitel: Englisch und Deutsch
Produktion Mano Khalil
Regie, Buch Mano Khalil
Kamera Mano Khalil
Ton Akram Hidou, Ravin Asaf
Musik Kurdish folk


As a part of the Al-Anfal operation, which lasted from the end of March till the end of September 1988, Saddam Hussein’s security forces imprisoned hundreds of Kurdish families in the Nizarke prison and in various other prisons also. Under Saddam, these prisoners awaited death and dreamt of freedom. Saddam’s fall saved many of them from death. However, when the long awaited freedom finally came, there was nothing left for them except to make their cells their homes.

Because their villages were completely destroyed and they lost all their possessions, these families now live in their former prisons and again dream of a different life.