Hafis & Mara

Documentary Film - In production
Technische Angaben

Genre Documentary film
Format HD
Length 88 Min.
Language Swissgerman/German/Arabic/English
Sound 5.1
Schoting time 7 Weeks
Production Frame Film
Directed by Mano Khalil
With Hafis und Mara Bertschinger
Cinematography Mano Khalil – Steff Bossert
Sound Rolf Büttikofer, Wendelin Schmidt-Ott, Nicolas Brunner
Editing Thomas Bachman – Bachi
Music Mario Batkovic
Sound mix Rolf Büttikofer


„“Hafis and Mara“ tells the story of  the later years of a diverse artistic couple, the Swiss-Lebanese artist Hafis Bertschinger and his faithful wife and patron, Mara.  Hafis is a tireless traveller, crossing borders between different worlds and cultures, who still in his senior years passionately creates art.   He loves experimenting and being challenged, in his art,  in relationships, in everyday life. However his unconditional dedication to art and his impulsive character have also caused a lot of pain.  The film „Hafis & Mara“ focuses not only on the artist, but also on his quiet wife Mara, who is the safe haven in his life and was the one who made his artistic flights possible in the first place.