David the Tolhildan

Documentary - 54 Minuten, 2006
Technical specifictions

Genre Documentary
Länge 102 Min.
Sprache Französisch / deutsch / kurdisch
Produktion Mano Khalil, Swiss TV SF, TSR und TSI
Regie, Buch Mano Khalil
Ton Ran Kurdo, Lilly Gurzeler
Musikkomposition A. Shahrax, Peter Scherer
Tonmischung Rolf Büttikofer


The documentary film “David the Tolhildan” is a portrait of a young Swiss man who joined the Kurdish freedom movement seven years ago. Rouiller, the son of a university Professor and a former President of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, gave up a comfortable and safe existence in Switzerland, and the amenities of a western lifestyle, to commit his life and strength to the ideals of the Kurdish freedom fight in Turkey.

Is he an adventurer, a dreamer, an idealist, a hero? Is his commitment visionary or illusory?
The film “David the Tolhildan” encourages viewers to confront their own outlook on oppression, respect, human dignity, freedom and violence. It also provides an impressive, realistic and up-to-date view of the current situation of the Kurdish freedom movement.