Colorful dreams

Fiction - 52 Minutes 2004
Technical specifications

Genre Fiction
Länge 52 Min.
Sprache Kurdisch / deutsch
Produktion Mano Khalil, Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen
Regie, Buch Mano Khalil
Art Direction Anna Allenbach
Cinematography Steff Bossert
Cast Hasa H. Inan,
David Imhoof,
Sandra Forrer,
Max Rüdlinger,
Rezan Cetin,
Luciano Andreani,
Gian Töndury a.o.
Ton Balthasar Jucker
Musik Simon Hostettler
Schnitt Peter Kordac
Tonmischung Rolf Büttikofer


«Colourful dreams» could be the story of every artist who has great dreams – dreams which are difficult to make come true, which often fade like blossoms in spring and are gone with the wind. It could also be a story about human beings who, after having lost their homeland, can no longer find peace of mind.


Swiss Films: Bunte Träume